I was pretty excited when Flying Asian Express (FAX), a subsidiary of AirAsia announced that they will start flying to London in 2008. FAX will be the first in the world to offer long haul low costs carrier concept and ticket are said to be as cheap as RM9.99 for one way. For FAX to offer that kind of ticket prices, they will not be looking at London Heathrow airport because the landing costs is expensive. They will have to consider airport in cities which near to London like Birmingham or Manchester. If FAX consider Birmingham International Airport, it will be just perfect for travelers because Birmingham is centrally located in UK and it’s only 1 to 1.5 hours drive to London.

So, the idea of going to UK is playing in my mind. If FAX choose Birmingham, it’s better to stay there instead of going to London because London as many knows is among the most expensive place to stay. With hotels which available are way above my budget, I will have to consider Birmingham hotels which is more friendly towards my budget. Cheap hotels in Birmingham are available at amazing rate starting from GBP30 per night. If I do not mind some uncomfortable environment, 3 stars Quality Hotel Birmingham which is under refurbishment is offering accommodation at GBP10 per night. Choosing Birmingham accommodation will give me savings as much as 30% comparing to stay in London.

Birmingham City, as being described is a lively city with great city night life, with canalside bars, theatres and music venues. Birmingham City being centrally located and with great transportation linkage will give access to many other major cities within UK. Hopefully I can be among FAX’s first batch customers to test their service to UK.

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