Most of them don’t read emails..
They don’t have systems and very unorganized..
Is punctuality exists in their life dictionary?..
How come China company can give me cheaper price??..
We work only on exclusivity but never promote your products..
Keep losing your catalogs and ask for new sets (Can I charge you the catalogs?)..

These are the obstacles that we have to go through when dealing with most of companies within GCC countries. Even entertaining them when they come to see you is also another headache. They are very demanding customers where can make you exhausted. But the stake is high as they do have money to spend and the potential of their market is very huge. So, all the while one eye has to be closed in order to do business with them. It’s either you say NO to their business or you have to do like what I do..

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  1. rohock | September 18th, 2008 at 9:54 am

    can you tell me what the GCC mean? and how the marketing in gcc? hope you can help me…..

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