Recently my soulmate has accepted a job offer from a company located in Kuala Lumpur. The offer is quite lucrative and has given her a chance to be back to her hometown. I am happy for her and also feels sad for myself because we are going to be far apart from each other and I am going to be alone here. I did not object to this because of the nature of my current job which need me to travel overseas almost every month and leave her alone here in a small town sometimes for almost 2 weeks. I understand that she will feel bored because there’s nothing much to do in a small town. When the offer came, I knew I have had to let her go. Both of us are matured enough to understand each other feelings and will do the best for our family. I am  not worried so much for her because all of my family are staying within Kuala Lumpur.

I am learning to accept the situation but it’s going to be easy because we have been apart before. Furthermore,369km is a lot  shorter distance comparing to 3500km to Dubai and off course, cheaper rate for domestic phone calls. So, more of domestic travels for me as for now.

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