I am Back!

OnlyFive, Personal November 12th, 2007

I am back from my trip to Dubai. The trip was great as i have managed to meet a few serious clients who are keen to do business with us. Apart from that, nothing much to talk about Dubai. Now, I have to start planning for my trip to Paris in January. There will be a slight changes in the original itinerary because the trip will have to include my wife as well. Since she has not been to Europe before, I might be spending a few days in Barcelona and Amsterdam. So, one week extension is in my mind. I will have to make decision for that one week extension whether to stick with the tour agency or go on our own.

A friend advised me to go with the tour agency because they can get good rates for hotels in Europe. Four stars hotels in Amsterdam like Park Plaza Victoria Hotel or Golden Tulip Apollo are available for less than 100 Euro and the same goes with hotels in Barcelona. I hope what my friend said is right. So, I am going to check with the tour agency for that one week extension and after that only I will make decision.

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