Maybe Malaysian will be required to buy travel insurance in the near future whenever we want to travel out from Malaysia whether on vacations or business purpose. This has been suggested by the deputy tourism minister, Datuk Donald Lim. Necessary amendment on Tourism Act needs to be done in order to make this requirement compulsory.

Malaysian tourists going abroad may have to take travel insurance

KUALA LUMPUR: The Tourism Ministry may require travelers leaving the country to have insurance coverage in a move to protect their loved ones.

This will be provided for in an amendment to the Tourism Act, which will also see travelers paying a surcharge to guard them against tour companies that go bust.

Many Malaysians do not buy extra insurance, as they assume that existing policies will protect them.

“Travellers should remember that anything can happen and they cannot assume the coverage given by credit card companies is sufficient, “said Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk Donald Lim.

He was speaking to reporters after launching the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agencies (Matta) Medi Evac Insurance scheme here on Tuesday.                                                                               ..Read More..

Hopefully the premium of compulsory insurance is affordable for every Malaysian and will not eat into travelers’ budget. I am supporting this move by tourism ministry because travel insurance is very important to have in case of unnecessary condition especially during traveling abroad. Medical needs can be very expensive in foreign country. So, with travel insurance, it will help to lessen the bad impact to our financial condition.

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