Today is the only day that I will be seeing customers as I am leaving tomorrow. From what I have understand after meeting a few potential customers, the Egyptian market for building material products is more towards cheap pricing. Almost all have said to me that my product is 200% pricier than their current suppliers. Quality is not a concern for this market because most of the projects do not have enough budget to use better quality products. So, they will only prefer cheap products. There are some high end projects which require higher quality products but it will not be worth for us to enter this market for that kind of sizes.

So, the solutions that I will have to apply for this market is to appoint one reputable agent and let the agent promote our products here in Egypt. But that is not my decisions to make. So, is there anybody interested in becoming our agent..??

p/s: This view is only apply for my product only which falls under building materials.

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