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General News June 5th, 2007

Heck! My house internet connection has been dead since last Thursday. I made a report to the provider and as usual they will take their own sweet time. I suspected somebody who is desperate enough for money stole the cable. I was told by the ISP’s customer service that more than 37 houses within my area are facing the same problem. So, obviously my house connection has nothing to do with that problem. Anyway, I found this news. Maybe they are the ones who created all the mess..

Two killed during thunderstorm

IPOH: Two men, believed to be stealing electricity cables, were electrocuted during a thunderstorm outside a house at Kampung Sri Aman in Menglembu, some 12km from here, yesterday.

The two were trying to dislodge the cables at 3.55pm when a nearby telephone pole crashed onto the high-voltage cables, causing them to burn the men.

Fire and Rescue Department personnel, alerted by villagers, were unable to immediately extricate the bodies from the scene due to the afternoon downpour.

The bodies could only be rushed to Ipoh Hospital several hours later when power supply to the area was disconnected.

Confirming the incident, Ipoh OCPD Asst Comm Jalaludin Ibrahim said both men were from neighbouring Kampung Batu. However, he said police were investigating why they were at the scene.

So, now I only have my office to do all my internet work but with all the reports which need to be submitted , I don’t have time to focus on other things.

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