How easy these days when most of airlines has used technology to make our life easy. Internet check-in has been introduce by airlines to simplify process of check-in and to reduce last minutes check-in by their customers. I have tried internet check-in with two airlines, Singapore Airlines (SQ) and Emirates Airways (EK).

SQ has allowed passengers to check in 48hours before you fly while EK allows 24hours before. The cut off period is 2 hours before your departure. What you need to do when doing internet check-in:

  • You need a passport and your ticket to key into the online form.
  • A computer which is connected to the internet.
  • Log on to EK website or SIA website and click for internet check-in icon.
  • Fill up your particular and select your seat. Done! If you are able to print the confirmation, do print it.
  • Get ready to go to the airport.
  • At the airport, you just need to provide your printed internet check-in confirmation or your ticket or your passport to get your boarding pass. You may check-in your luggage if you have any.

It is the same as conventional check-in but to those who has no luggage to check-in, it is convenient as you don’t need to rush to the airport because you are allowed to be there up to 60 minutes prior to departure time. Another good thing is you may have the luxury to choose your seat (for those who flying economy class like me..:( = sad ) if you log on early. For SIA 777-200, 3 rows at the back is the most comfortable to sits with more rooms for your legs. For EK, try to get bulk seats and also 3 rows seats at the back. That’s my tips for today.

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