The English Premier League has been wrapped up with Manchester United has been crowned as the new champion and Chelsea FC at number two. Congratulation to Manchester United as they deserved to be the champion. Haha..No more Chelsea FC..

This season has shown that Chelsea has been poor in getting players needed to maintain their status. They have been rocked by a list of injuries to player like John Terry, Ricardo Carvalho and their best goalie Petr Cech. But this is not an excuse for a team with GBP500 millions investment. Where is Lampard this season? People were talking and analyzing his skills last season and nothing has been heard about him this season. Their investment is nothing if the money is not spent wisely but lavishly to players who cannot contribute to the team. The deadliest striker of Italian league football, Andrei Shevchenko is only qualified to sit on the bench at Chelsea because he cannot fit into Moanrinho system. Moanrinho is a limited coach even with GBP500millions at his disposal. He still can pull out his trick for the last two seasons but starting from this seasons, I think he has losts it. Many other small teams do know how to nullify his team attacking threat and how to overcome his team tactical system. From my point of view, in order for Chelsea to progress, they have to sack that moaning coach. With a team full of talented players but choose to play a boring style of football, they are not worth to be a champion again.

Who will win the next edition of English Premier League? You know my answer..

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