100_4062.jpgI have been passing Merbok many times but have not visited Bujang Valley, a historical site of Kedah’s civilization and the richest archaeological area in Malaysia. So, I took a chance to be there today when I was on the way back from Alor Setar. Bujang Valley as it is, a temple complex built 1500 years ago and the site indicated that an empire of Hindu-Buddhist kingdom did exist and ruled as early as 300 C.E. More than fifty ancient tomb temples, called candi, have also been unearthed, many of which were built during the Bujang Valley civilization’s heyday. Huh! So much of Kedah’s history to digest today.

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I did not visit the museum as I arrived there quite late at 5.00PM. So we could only visited the chandi complex and enjoying the scenic scenes of surrounding area.

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