Kuyt, Stevie G and others are celebrating the winning penaltyI am sorry but to posts this news that my favourite team will be going to Athens on this coming 23rd May for UEFA Champions League Final..Wohooooo!!!..

What a match! ?Hopefully we will have a rematch of Istanbul 2005 and Liverpool will still come out as a winner.After watching the live match between Chealsea and Liverpool, I must say that Liverpool is the deserved winner. credit to the coach Rafa Benitez who is a genius and master of tactician. Of course, Rafa Benitez is the special one. Not the other Portuguese who claimed he is.. The match showed how Rafa is very accurate in reading Chelsea’s tactic and putting the right personnel to control Chelsea’s in all position. With the back fours who able to handle the threat from Drogba and midfields are outstanding in devoiding Chealsea’s attack. Liverpool is outstanding tonight!

I would love to be in Athens if I can afford to do that. This is one of my ambition to watch my favourite REDS team play at Anfield. “Liverpool – You Will Never Walk Alone”

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