It’s a dangerous topic for me to discuss but you cannot run away from this when you’re traveling. Even if you are not in the search of this service, you may bump into one or two girls offering their service. Don’t be surprise if this services are being offered at places like Dubai, Doha or Manama as we may think that islamic countries don’t have these kind of things. It’s the oldest professions in the world. As long as there is men and women, it will happen. In middle easts, mosts of them are operating from hotels and nightclubs. Like in Dubai, I have seen a few places like hotels in Deira and Rolla do act as a pick up points. The charges by those street girls are vary between nationalities with the highest charge by the Russians.

I have not tried and don’t have intention to do so. It’s against my belief and my responsibility as a husband, a father and a leader of my family. And to make it worse, you don’t even know who is the girl you are sleeping with. What if she has had something to be passed to you? One lustful shot will make you regret forever and not only you will be affected, even your wife and your future childs. It’s a risk that I will not compromise.

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