When traveling alone out from your country on a business trip, you have to have the right attitude and focus on what your are there for. Away from your normal life will make you lost your focus and also your motivations. That is why the job that I am currently doing is not suitable for everyone.

So, how to motivate yourself? Different person do has different ways of motivating yourself. Like myself, I will normally think of my family. I am here in Cairo because of my family. I am working hard is because of my family. I can’t see them go through some kind of suffering period again if I am not focus in what I am doing now. If I am not focus in looking for customers, I may not hit my annual sales budget. This will off course reflect as a poor performance by me and I wil not get anymore benefits like good bonus or salary increments. Maybe the poor performance will need me to leave the jobs. Heck! I don’t want that to happen. I need to focus, focus and focus!

It’s hot now but I have no choice. I have to finish my meeting early and come back to the hotel for the UEFA Champions League final. That is my motivation for today!

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