Mount KelutMount Kelut, 90 km southwest of Indonesia’s second-largest city Surabaya, has shown a risen number of volcanic earthquakes  as high as 23 in one day, compared with a maximum of 15 a day just before its last eruption in 1990. This has made Indonesia’s Mount Kelud volcano on the possibility of eruptions at anytime soon.The 1,731-metre volcano’s “deformation” or expansion has increased, and gas and chemical levels have risen, while the temperature of the lake in the volcano’s crater is climbing more rapidly, hitting 37.4 degrees Celsius on Saturday, compared with 32 degrees in August.

The government has ordered as many as 350,000 residents who live near to Mount Kelud to stay away from the volcanic area.  When Kelud last erupted in 1990, at least 30 people were killed, while an eruption in 1919 killed about 5,000 as it ejected scalding water from its crater lake. 

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