I’m terribly shocked today to learn that my blog has been adjudged by Google for spreading badware. How on earth do I need to do this? I don’t have to setup a nice blog to share information and at the same time spreading viruses to my visitors. It’s like inviting people to come to your house and after that you throw shits at them when they want to enter your house.

Google Search flagged bismut.net with a warning message to warn visitors¬† that my site may harm their computers. From my observations, maybe Kontera Ads has been adjudged as badware. So, I have removed Kontera Ads and submit review report to stopbadware.org…Arghh!! Too bad. I consider this as a temporary glitch and hoping that stopbadware.org will quickly review my site and Google to remove the warning message. It really sucks to go through this kind of situation.

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  1. vienna | February 16th, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    help… my blog is spreading virus too!

    i don’t have adverts on it so i am surprised that my blog is spreading a trojan downloader…

    what can i do to stop this?

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