When it comes to financial planning, I have to admit that I have failed miserably. I have never had a good financial planning in my life. It is all about spend, spend and spend. I am afraid if one day when I am not able to work to get income, I wil be in a most terrible condition. Many things still hanging in my life as a result of my poor financial planning. So, I cannot imagine what will happen when that day really comes. So, a long term planning needs to be established.

There are a few steps that I can take in order to manage my financial. Personal loans with lower interest rates may help to ease some of my credit cards debts. This can give me longer repayment period and will avoid hefty credit cards interest. I will not consider of using credit cards anymore. Cancellation of the credit cards facility is the option that I have. Debit cards which has all credit cards features can be used as a replacement for credit cards. Asses all the properties which I own and sell whichever unprofitable properties and keep only those which can generate profitable income.

Changing for another high paying jobs is also a good option. Eventhough I do love this job but if somebody comes with a better offer, I will definitely give a thorough considerations.So many things to consider but I have to do it in order to have brighter day ahead. One at a time please…

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