My Weekend In Venice

OnlyFive September 14th, 2007

Today, it’s raining for the whole day. What a great start for my weekend breaks. I am supposed to go to Kelantan today but I am postponing the date to the end of the month. The month of Ramadan has just started. So, I have a thought of spending more of my time at home. Normally my weekend breaks, short breaks, city breaks or what ever breaks, me and my wife will plan to go somewhere where we can see and learn new things. Hey!! There are still many interesting places in Malaysia which I have not been to. If we have more budgets, for sure we would prefer to go to places like Paris, Rome, Barcelona or Venice. At this moment, these fabulous European destinations will not be in our list unless I win some free tickets to Europe or I manage to buy RM9.99 AirAsiaX cheap flights to London.

Hopefully, my weekend will be great even at home..

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