I just cannot help but to think of a new concept for my website. After having my stomach filled up with lunch ( very nice lunch..) I have decided to change the concepts of bismut.net from solely for sharing of travel experience to share on all of my experiences in dealing with my life. I feel like I need a place to voice out my opinions and write on things.

I must admit that I’m not the type of person who keeps a life’s diary. At least by having this blog, I am able to share my life experience with anybody. I will not approach this blog like a diary but more towards sharing of informations. Hopefully my experience is useful to others. The experience like traveling to the middle easts country. Many peoples are still being sceptical about arabs. So, this where I’m able to help them to understand the arabian culture and the arabian peoples. Understand how to do business with them and stuffs like that. Even tips of not being cheated by taxi drivers will definitely help.

My motto for today – “Sharing is caring”

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