An idea of residing in a different country has pop up into my mind from time to time. Is it worth for me to consider living in a different country? The question has kept pondering me..If the answer is yes, then where is the best place to go. Dubai? Cairo? or maybe United States of America. After having visited a few countries, the trip has shown me some of the wonderful parts and some of the bad parts of the country. You can’t trust the media for picturing the real or truth condition of a particular country. They will say only the good things and ditch the bad parts. So, let us see a few options that I currently have.

Dubai, the emerging city of U.A.E. The attraction to be in Dubai is more to their tax policy where they don’t have personal income tax to deal with. So, you will enjoy the most of your earnings there in Dubai and it’s coupled with fantastic amenities and lifestyle. But the downside will be the high cost of livings like housing has accounted for some 60% to 70% of your annual pay if you are taking in AED120K a year.It is only for a studio apartment or 1 bedroom apartment. If you want to be there alone, maybe it is worth considering but if together with the family, an annual income of at least AED200K – AED300K is the minimum to consider.

Cairo, Egypt a heaven for mediocre income person to stay and work. With a close tie with USA and 100% equity allowed to be owned by foreigners, many big brands has set their foot in Egytian soils. Even known as a muslim dominated country, the social life in Egypt is still considerably open and a nice environment to live in. With house rental ranging from as cheap as USD200 and above, it is sure the best bet to consider. But, will there any opportunities available for expatriates to work in Cairo as many of their own peoples are still unemployed. The other point to ponder is the tax structure. Becauseof Egypt is under the influence of USA, Egyptian government is also trying to emulates many things with regard to USA especially in taxing their civilians.

Do I fancy USA? Yes..Maybe it is because of the high standard of living in United States of America. I have heard many from third world country who made it there. Even some of my fellow friends are there either studying or has become USA permanent residents. With so many things can happen at a click of a mouse, to consider living there is irresistible. A friend of mine ( a permanent resident) has told me that cost of living is not that high if you consider staying in small city. Some basic necessities are even cheaper than those in third world country can offer. Even if you are considering buying a house there, informations is available at your fingertip with website like Mortgage Rates can give contacts of brokers and offering very low rates starting from as low as 5.52%. For example, if you are choosing Syracuse, NY, you just need to browse Syracuse section within the website. But the downside of living in the USA is the tax structure where it can be very high for expatriates like myself.

Duh! Very hard to decide which country to choose from and to reside. But don’t worry, the decision only have to be made when the time to move on has arrived. Before that moment comes, I have to enjoy living in this tremendous homeland.

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