When planning to go on vacation, we have to determine how much money we are going to spend and where the money will go to. Try to allocate as much as possible to do what we like the most. Different person with different preferences. Some people like to do shoppings and some others might not like it and prefer to go on sight seeing. Whatever your preferences is, you have to plan your budget properly.

One of the factor that will eat a lot into our budget is hotel accommodations. But, we do not have to worry so much on this because there are many online Hotel Reservations that can offer good discounts for travelers. One of them is HotelReservations.com which can offer up to 70% discount on hotels. HotelResevations.com is not only offering hotels rooms but also motels, resorts and vacations rentals worldwide. The discounts being offered is amazingly attractive. You don’t believe me? Try to book a room at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. If booking directly from the hotel’s website, the rate quoted is $286++ per night whereas from HotelReservations.com is only $156++. You will save nearly 50% which is a very good discount to have. You have to be a little smart in searching for good offer on accommodations.

Looking at 50% discounts make me looking forward to test how good the service provided by HotelReservations .com when I need to travel to middle east region next time. For those who has been to middle east region should know very well how expensive hotels over there especially in Dubai and Doha. I have checked at HotelReservations.com a few hotels within the gulf area and the available offer is not so attractive. But I have not thoroughly checked all the hotels yet. So, there might be some other good offer available from not so well known hotels. Hopefully I can enjoy HotelReservations.com good service very soon.

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  1. mohan | May 22nd, 2008 at 12:21 pm

    Dear Sir

    I had booked a Double Room at Taj Residency at Ernakulam in India using your Website and made payment using my Visa Platinum Credit Card Number 4901 3682 2032 8077. Can you please send me the Reference Number and the amount you have debited in South African Currency, Rands.
    Thank you very much
    Warm regards

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