I must say in Malaysia, the only government department which give five stars service is immigration department. They have set the standard very high and should be followed by other government department.

Last year when I renewed my international passport, it took me only one hour for submission and received my new passport the next day. That is very fast to my standard but recently the Malaysian Immigration Department make it a little bit faster when announcing that they will process application for international passport for only two hours. But I still have to wait another four years for my passport to expire before I can experience the faster service.

Paperless Passport Application From Mid-2007

SEPANG, Feb 26 (Bernama) — Soon, passport applicants nationwide no longer have to fill out forms and wait for more than two hours to receive the document.

imi.jpg“The applicants only need to bring their latest photos and their MyKads.

“They can obtain the passport between 40 minutes and two hours,” said Immigration Director-General Datuk Wahid Md Don, Monday.

The paperless application procedure would be implemented nationwide from the middle of this year, he told reporters after inspecting immigration counters at KL International Airport (KLIA) arrival hall in conjunction with the “Service With A Smile” campaign here.

Presently, the fast service was only available at the Langkawi and Melaka immigration offices, he said.

Wahid also said that the department was building a single platform containing personal details of foreigners who entered the country so that it would easier to identify whether they were tourists or workers.

The work on the single platform began in December last year and was expected to be completed by early next year, he added.


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