I thought I want to share a bit of informations on Penang since I live somewhere near to the island. So, Penang is an island located in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia which is connected by a bridge. The Penang bridge used to be the longest in South East Asia.

For those who might not have set your foot in Penang, the weather is consists of only two main elements which is rain or shine. The average weather can be summarized as below :

Temperature (day) 27°C-30°C
Temperature (night) 22°C-24°C
Ave annual rainfall 2670 mm
Relative humidity 70%-90%

Transportation is not to worry as many buses and taxis available to go around Penang. Although taxis as happening anywhere in world charge higher fare but still the most convenient to use. Previously, meter fare is not compulsory but last year all taxis are forced to install the meters. So, don’t worry on the excessive charge anymore as you have the meter to rely on. But do have in mind that maybe one or two dishonest taxi driver who might overcharge fares or do not want to use the meter.

For those who are okay traveling with buses are encourage to do so as the fare per journey is quite cheap. Average fare per journey is only at RM1.00 but off course the journey is not as smooth as taking the taxi. Car rental can be the options for those who wants conveniences and is available from Avis or Kasina. You are able to book the car even before arriving to Penang through internet. Another way to move around Penang is by renting a small engine motorbike. If you prefer the adventurous way, motorcycle is cheap at RM30 per day and a good way of exploring Penang island except when it’s raining.

I will add some more on places of interests soon..

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  1. Victor | June 11th, 2009 at 2:15 pm


    I need a personal driver in penang on July 1 and 2. Full day service is needed. Do you provide such service? If so, how much?



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