I am looking at 2007 calendar thinking of vacation date and also places to go for my family vacation at the end of this year. I have to plan early from now as to avoid last minute bookings. Last minutes means expensive. Last December we were supposed to go to Thailand for a week but chose not to go as the situation in Thailand at that time does not permit us to travel there. At last we settled for Langkawi. But this year end, I have not made any decisions and still searching for the a suitable location.

At the same time, I am looking at this Virginia Beach vacation rental. USA is a good options to consider as none of us has been to USA before. Or maybe Hawaiian Islands?New places and many things can be explored. Vacation rental is good for big family as it is more practical to rent one big house rather than getting hotel rooms. Money saved from the accommodations budget can be spent on other happier things. Many of this vacation rental property owners who buy the property but unable to stay for the whole year. Instead of leaving the property empty, renting out to others will help to generate some income.

Taking one example of accommodation at Maui Paradise Condo which comes with 1 queen size bed and 1 double. The rental costs can be save by 50% comparing to getting 2 rooms accommodation at 2 stars hotel.It’s a definitely big saving there.

I need to carefully plan for the vacation.


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