Public transportations is very important whenever we travel to a different country. Not many travelers are able to rent a car as this require a few things like to have an international license, to understand the ways of driving there and to be able to read a map to find a location. This is also not help by most of arabs countries where they use P.O Box as their primary address. So the best way to travel within the places is by using public transportations. In Dubai, there are two options available which are buses and taxis .In between the two modes of transportations, buses are offering cheaper fares comparing to taxis and dominated mainly by expatriates.

Taxi in DubaiTaxis in Dubai are very efficients and comfortable. Taxis are mostly comprises of Toyota Camri. In UAE, they have a law which says taxis which registered in Dubai are allowed to take passengers within the emirates of Dubai only. To other emirates like Sharjah, Ajman and etc, Dubai taxis are allowed to sent only but coming back to Dubai empty as they are not allowed to pick up passengers from other emirates. This rules also applies to taxis in other emirates where they are allowed to sent passengers only to Dubai but not to take passengers from Dubai. Fare rates for taxis is not to worry because all taxis are compulsory to use meters. Rate start at AED2.00 and will increase according to distance and time. In Dubai there are two popular taxi stands which located at Bur Dubai and Deira.

Bus to Abu DhabiBuses in Dubai are abundant and available at a very cheap fare. The fares ranges from AED1.00 to AED4.00 to travel within the emirates of Dubai. Bus services has been handled by the Dubai municipality since 1995 and has shown a lot of improvement even though the system is still unorganized. Understandably this problem is contributed by the constantly reconstructions of the road systems and traffic congestions of the road in Dubai because of the sudden rise in populations and the rapid increase of cars on the street as a result of rapid development in Dubai. Hopefully by the 2009, when the construction of the first phase of Dubai Metro (light transit system) complete, it will help to ease the congestions. The first phase of the multi billions dollars projects is to cover from Rashidiya to American University and follows by the second phase continue from American University to Jebel Ali. The second phase together with another line which starting from Dubai International Airport to Dubai Medical City are scheduled to be completed in 2012. The buses fare to travel from Dubai to other emirates ranges from AED5.00 to AED30.00.

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