qatar.gifRecently, Qatar Airways has upgraded their aircraft for KL-DOHA-BALI route to use Airbus A330 replacing Airbus A300. For those who are frequently flying Qatar Airways for this route should be happy with the announcement because Airbus A330 is a bigger aircraft and every seats now has personalised entertainment system which can be accessed through seatback TV screens. With this Airbus A330, Qatar Airways can now be able to offer to all passengers through¬† it’s on-demand in-flight entertainment system, a choice of more than 80 international movies, 70 TV shows and 16 music channels, as well as more than 300 music CDs from popular and classical artists.

I have been avoiding Qatar Airways since the first day I have to travel to middle east preferring Emirates just because their aircraft is lacked-of in-flight entertainment system.Considering that in-flight entertainment system is now a standard for majority of  long haul flight, I am still wondering how can they charge higher air ticket price without this standard feature. Qatar Airways which is among five star airlines should be putting this feature long time ago. Furthermore KUL-DOH route which they have 10 flights a week is a highly popular route. Since the announcement has been made on this upgrade, Qatar Airways will offcourse be included into my list of preferred airlines.

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