Travelogues May 17th, 2007

My trip to Qatar was back in October 2006 during muslim fasting month. I have taken such a long time to come out with the story because there’s nothing much to write about Qatar. I am serious! Qatar is only a small country (bigger than Bahrain) within the GCC without long history. So, there’s nothing much to visit and enjoy. I chose to be in Doha, Qatar for only 3 days and most of the time meeting with customers during office hour.

I stayed at The Rydges Plaza Hotel and it’s not a good choice as it is far from the nearest restaurants and other facilities. I have written a review on The Rydges Plaza hotel and can be read from here. I have to pay QR55 for entry visa to Qatar and as part of Qatar immigration arrangement with Oman, Visa fee for Oman is waived by stamping ‘Allow entry to Sultanate of Oman’. It is good for me as my next destination after Qatar will be Oman. No worry about visa fee upon arrival as you can pay with credit card/debit card at immigration counter.

Foods are relatively expensive in Doha because Qatari are rich and can afford to pay the price. Whereas those expatriates from India and Philipines are suffering. Even business traveler like myself is feeling the pinch of the high prices. Lucky thing, I am there only for 3 days.

Did I told you just now that there’s nothing to write about Qatar.?

Souq New area Palace

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