AirAsia vs Malaysia Airlines
Who will win? I don’t care because it doesn’t matter who will win the debates as long as the consumers come out as the winner? In the first place, the idea of having the debate should not even come out.

On the red side, they claimed the blue side is being heavily subsidised and having protection by the government on certain lucrative routes. On the blue side, they claimed the red side is also being subsidised by the government. But almost every citizens of Malaysia knows what is currently happening with both sides. There are no need for both sides to point finger at each other but fight and focus with what you have and show to us what is your capabilities.

компютри втора употребаAirAsia raps MAS over deals

KUALA LUMPUR: The battle between the two local carriers AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines has turned up a notch after waging their fare wars.
Yesterday, AirAsia called on Malaysia Airlines to keep the competition fair and healthy and “not to take toys from its playground.”
Its group chief executive officer Datuk Tony Fernandes also questioned yesterday why MAS was not promoting zero fares for non-AirAsia routes such as London and Sydney, to give more options to customers.
He also challenged MAS managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Seri Idris Jala to publicly deny or accept allegations that subsidies for international flights were used to promote domestic low-fare promotions.
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