Have you planned for your next holiday yet? For Malaysian, this year is a great year to plan for holiday because so much of offers for travelers to grab either by going for local destinations or overseas. Promotions from travel companies and airlines such as Malaysia Airlines, Jetstar, Fireflyz and AirAsia are so great and affordable. I will be so happy if I manage to go to at least 2 holiday destinations this year. But it is all down to my budget which force me to choose only a few selected destinations. So I have to manage my budget for each itinerary carefully in order to maximize the traveling experience.

Hotel Reservations is one of the important agenda which needed to be looked into when planning for a holiday. A large portion of budget will be needed to be put aside for accommodations. So, some survey work has to be done in order to save some of the budget. Almost all the time, online hotel reservations such as HotelReservations.com do offer great discounts up to 70% for hotels, motels or even vacations package. A quick check for a standard room at Equatorial Hotel in Penang, Malaysia is available at USD82.00 per night which is almost 70% less than if I made a booking directly from the hotel’s website. Other than Equatorial Hotel Penang, there are many more hotels in Penang which available at a very good rate from HotelReservations.com. It seems like internet booking do offer more discounts comparing to walk-in guests. So, next time when you want to book for a hotel room, instead of walking straight to the hotel’s reception counter, head to internet cafe and book your rooms through online reservation website.

I don’t know about you but I would rather spend my money somewhere else rather than spending so much on accommodations which you require only for a few hours at night. A basic room is good enough for me because sight seeing is more important than spending my time inside the room. Anyway, everybody are entitle for their own opinions. So, this will be my way of enjoying my holidays.

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