Yesterday, I received a call from a friend of mine who is looking for an ecommerce software to be integrated into his company website. His company wanted to sell product through internet after seeing their competitor making tons of money from it. Eventhough they are a little bit late but it’s better than never try at all. He wanted me to recommend any cheap and easy to use shopping cart software. Soon after the conversation, I was all over the place looking for any good shopping cart software to be recommended to him.

Late last night, I managed to find one shopping cart which fulfill all the criteria set by my friend. He is looking for cheap, web based, and fully customizable designs. All of that criterias mentioned are the features available in shopping cart from Ashop Commerce, one of a leading US provider for hosted shopping cart software. According to Ashop Commerce, It’s revolutionary online store building software is one of the worlds most easy to use web based administrations. So it is not required for users to be technically sounds person to be able to operate the software. At the same time, Ashop Commerce do provide free 24 hours technical support if users are having problems with the software. The shopping cart software is also can be customized to suit the design of website with many themes and settings to choose from. I am sure my friend will be happy to try this Ashop Commerce’s shopping cart software which available from as little as $69 a month.

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