Sleeping in Airport?Have you had experience sleeping in airport? I do and it is part and parcel for budget traveler. If you are on a long transit hours and on a budget, definitely you will not want to waste USD100 for 12 hours sleep at the airport hotel. I am not alone in doing this. Don’t believe me? Click on the picture or here.

At one time I have had 12 hours transit at Dubai airport on the way to Kuwait. I could not get an early flight as I arrived to Dubai at 4.30am in the morning and the earliest flight is at 4.30pm. So, instead of wasting USD100 on airport hotel, I went over to the quiet lounge near the gate 23. At that time it’s nearly full as only 3-4 seats available.I managed to get like 4 hours of sleep there eventhough the seat is not as flat as one would wish for but to tell you the truth the seat is better than economy class seat. A few times, I was disturbed by flight announcement. It’s really a good experience to have because starting from the next trip, I make sure that all the transit hours is not more than 5 hours.

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