Taxis in Cairo

Travel Tips March 4th, 2007

Many tourists who happened to be in Cairo with definitely amazed when seeing the condition of the taxis here. Almost all the taxis here are in a terrible conditions with the exception of Yellow Cab which using newer cars. Taxis in Cairo are mostly Fiat cars manufactured in 70s. Because of the conditions of the taxis, you may feel not safe as if the tires of the taxi will be churned off easily but still they are on the road taking customers.

Generally taxis have two types of rates. One rate for locals and another rate for foreigners. Off course foreigners have to pay double or triple from what the locals are paying. A 30 minutes one way ride will normally costs 10 to 20 Egyptian Pounds where the later is the most likely. The best way to pay cheap fare is to know the location and the rates local are paying. When arriving to the destination, get out from the taxi, pay and walk away.

This situations will definitely need to be improved. Will the government of Egypt taking up an initiative to replace the old taxis with new ones?..The Egyptians will decide. As long as they are comfortable with what they currently have, the old taxis will still remain on the roads for many years to come.

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