The Egyptian Museum

Travelogues April 20th, 2007

We have done our Thursday with visit to the pyramid of Giza and Cairo Citadel. An advise from an Egyptian friend, it’s better to avoid going to pyramid on Friday as it is believed by the Egyptians that Friday brings bad omen. I don’t know whether to believe this or not but last Friday there was a group of our friends who went over to pyramid and they were caught in this sand storm. So, we took their difficulties by having our pyramid tour on Thurday instead. So what about Friday? On Friday we decided to spend the whole day to camp inside the Egytian Museum with thousands of artifacts to be examine by us. True to its claim, Egytian museum has thousands of artifacts on display. The time that we have spent there, about 5 hours is not enough to see everything. We have to skip certain items which to us it’s either too small to spend much time or repeating items. To be fair, we should at least give 2 days to the museum alone. So, we should be able to cover all the artifacts and really understand the history behind them.
The entrance ticket to the museum is EGP50 and ticket to enter the Royal Mummy Room is EGP100. It is really a worthwhile experience to have while in Egypt. To be able to see all the artifacts, learning about the historical culture and past civilizations. Life after death is viewed as the grandest things to have for the pharaohs and to prepare for that ultimate steps, it require an extraordinary feat by not only the pharaohs but also the peoples of Egypt. And to link that in today’s world, there is hardly any who can match them.
The museum itself is not really systematic and organized. Some items are without description labels but to make your own conclusions. It’s all forgotten once you get used to the way of the display in the museum. We were inside the museum from 12noon until 5PM. Camera is not allowed and if you have one, it should be left at camera counter next to the scanning gate.

Museum Entrance Gate Entrance Museum Entrance

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