If you are somewhere in Penang and would like to explore the nature, this place is a marvelous ‘GREEN’ place not to be missed. Sungai Sedim (Sedim River) is located 30km from Kulim, Kedah. Direction from Butterworth is to drive to Butterworth Kulim Expressway (BKE). You have to pay two toll (RM1.30 per toll) which one at Permatang Pauh and another one at Lunas. After that, follow Rekreasi Sungai Sedim/Mahang roadsigns.

Sungai Sedim (Sedim River) which located within the Gunung Insa Forest Reserve, is one of the best places to go for white water rafting. The 15km long river has fast flowing waters and rapids excellent for white water sports activities. The river is also one of the best heart-stopping water rapids in the world.


At the same time, Top Tree Walk is able to offer another experience for visitors to walk at the top of the trees. I have been fortunate to visit the place last February during Chinese New Year.Partly because there was no other place to go. Since this is my first time, I find it quite difficult to get there because there’s not many signs available. For 90% of the journey, we have had no problem locating the place, but for the last 10%, we have to go through country path where the road leading to the place is quite narrow. At one time, only one car is able to pass through. Because of that, we thought we have lost our way and wanted to turn back. Myself at that time quite frustrated with the lack of signs and facilities to get to the place. At last, we managed to reach Sungai Sedim recreational park when we saw many cars at the end of the road. Horayy!!


Sungai Sedim is a very nice place to go to enjoy the smells of nature. I should have come long time ago. Now, I understand why there’s lacking of signs and modern facilities at Sungai Sedim. Without the feeling of passing through village and narrow roads, Sungai Sedim will loose the nature excitements.

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