This few days the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Yesterday, I felt my head was heavy like it’s full with 10kg stones. I slept quite early the night before. So, there’s no issue of not having enough sleep. I think that headache is attributed by the hot weather. Lucky thing, last night it was raining quite heavily. I was having a really cool and deep sleep and woke up fresh in the morning. How good if it rains every night.

I don’t know how to predict the weather but it’s getting hotter now. At 5pm normally the weather is not so hot but that is not the case now. Even at noon is not as hot as at 5pm. Maybe the weather of the world has been changing because of the global warming effect. Too much CFC has been released by those industrialists who wants more money into their pocket rather than saving the earth for future generation. I have watched the news that two big industrialists, USA and China did not want to sign Kyoto Protocol to reduce  greenhouse gas emissions. So, if these two countries refused to sign, what is there to reduce. They are among the big factory of the world especially China.

Hopefully something can be done to save our planet. To China and USA, please sign this Kyoto Protocol because it is for the future generations.

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  1. Super Ways | July 9th, 2007 at 1:47 pm

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