Travel Insurance

OnlyFive May 19th, 2007

Please get a travel insurance if you’re traveling as travel insurance is very important. Try to get the best available coverage and of course at the cheapest price. When traveling abroad, the costs of healthcare is much more expensive because you’re not the citizens of the country who enjoy subsidized rate for medical treatment.

By getting a travel insurance, at least it will reduce the burden of paying the exorbitant medical bills in case if you fall sicks and require medical attention from clinics or hospitals. At the same time, when traveling, do bring some common prescriptions like pain killer, or tablets for stocmach discomfort. Remember you have to be healthy to enjoy your vacations. But on certain circumstances, be prepare for the uncertainties.

I’m not sure about Renters insurance though, maybe you might need them for longer stay which require you to rent a house.

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