Am I a friendly type of person? On the way back home from Cairo, I have to transit twice and every transit is 3 hours long. I will start chit-chatting with anybody sitting beside me while waiting for my flight. In a way it is a good thing to do because I can easily mix with other people. Marketing guy can’t afford to be kept quiet. How to break the ice if I just keep my mouth shut. All the people who I chit-chatted with also seems like happy to have somebody to talk with.

Okay..I just want to rant about inefficient of certain quarters who make my life miserable during my journey. First, the online check-in for Emirates which system error occurred while I am in the middle of selecting seats. That is the second time it happened to me. Emirates should have done something on this. As a result of this, the check-in counter staff for Emirates in Cairo so unfriendly kept saying there’s no available seats from row 46 and above. Even for my second leg flight from Dubai where during that check-in time there still another 10 hours to go for that flight. Assuming he is right, geesshhhh many of the passengers are so internet savvy and really waiting in front of the PC to quickly book the seats the minutes 12 hours check-in grace period started. I am right to say that staff is incompetence and been trained to say NO to guest request because I saw one empty seats available during the flight. How can he said to me all seats has been assigned.?

Secondly, he did not check-in my luggage all the way to the last destination. He claimed that I am using different airline for my last sector. This seems to me as the worst reason given by that incompetent counter staff because I have been traveling for many time and  this is the first time I have been told that my luggage cannot be checked-in until the last destination. Because of that, I have had to go through the routine of claiming my luggage and recheck-in the luggage. I missed to do many things during the whole process and this is a terrible experience to me. I tried to understand people culture and behaviour but this one does not stand to be respected by me. I am not trying to say all the Egyptians are incompetence but there are some who really need to use their head instead of their knee.

This bad experience has really played an important part in putting my trust towards Emirates. I will choose other airline if possible for my next trip.

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