I am starting a new category for informations on travel destinations and I am going to name the category as What is this place. Normally when I read about new destinations which I have not heard before, I will do some research to get more informations. Instead of just me knowing it, I will post a summary of the informations into this website under What Is This Place.

As a start, while browsing AirArabia.com, I found a news of AirArabia will start flying from Sharjah to Coimbatore, India starting this October 1st. The twice weekly flights on every Monday and Friday will be increased to thrice weekly in November. Coimbatore, also known as Koneyammanputhhur, is Air Arabia’s eighth destination in India.

Pardon me for my ignorance because I have not heard about this destination name before. Coimbatore, India? This is what Mr Wikipedia has said on Coimbatore, India,

tamilnadu.jpgCoimbatore, also known as Kovai, is a major industrial city in India. According to the 2001 census, it is the second largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu.It is the administrative headquarters of Coimbatore District.

Coimbatore is known for its textile factories, engineering firms, automobile parts manufacturers, health care facilities, educational institutions, pleasant weather, friendly culture and hospitality. Situated on the banks of the Noyyal river, Coimbatore is also known as Koneyammanputhhur, which means “birth-place of the Goddess” (Koni Amman).

The fact for Coimbatore, India:


After going through the fact sheets and reading the history, I found that Coimbatore, India is one of such a great place to visit. With the facts that many Indians who are working or residing in UAE, the flight services by AirArabia should be a good news for travelers to travel in between Middle East and India for business and holidays.

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  1. Raj | May 14th, 2010 at 6:41 am

    Yes, Coimbatore is an excellent place. It is cleaner than any other Indian city and has a pleasant climate throughout the year. The Western Ghats that surround the city, add to its beauty and they are a good getaway. The Nilgiris biosphere is a good attraction to international and domestic tourists. Beautiful Kerala, the neighbouring state is only a 45 minute drive. Glorious Karnataka is not far too. If you want to be in the centre of the three different southern states, Coimbatore is the place to stay.

    Air Arabia from Sharjah, Silk Air from Singapore and heaps of domestic airlines and a good rail and road connection from all over India to Coimbatore makes it the ideal destination to start your South Indian holiday. Fly Dubai, SriLankan Airlines, Tiger Airways and Air Asia intend to start flights there.

    The hotels are cheaper than other places.

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