These few days, I have nothing to do in the office except taking orders from existing customers. We have received quite a huge order for the past two months and our production has reach the maximum capacity. So no new customers needed as for now and it means no more marketing trip for me. My boss is a happy man these few months but sad for me because I will be stuck in the office.

While killing off my time at the office, I have made myself busy with reading travel story. Among those stories, the one which has attracted me is travel by trains through Trans-Siberia railway. To be honest, the idea of traveling overland is pretty exciting to me. If I have the time and budget, I would like to try. Starting from Penang to London via Thailand, Vietnam, China and Russia seems like an ultimate journey of my life. So, let see If I want to travel from Penang to London overland, what will be the route for the journey.



Mode of transportation mainly by train. The journey will take me about 3 to 4 weeks one way.

  • Butterworth, Penang to Bangkok by train.
  • Bangkok to the border town Aranyaphrathet by train, bus to Battambang and follow by train to PPhnom Penh and bus to Saigon (1 day). (I will choose AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Hanoi instead because it will relieve me from the hassle)
  • Saigon to Hanoi by train Several trains daily, 2 nights.
  • Hanoi to Beijing by train Two trains a week, 2 nights.
  • Beijing to Moscow by Trans-Siberian Railway Two trains a week, 6 nights,
  • Moscow to London by train. Daily departures, 2 nights.
  • Coming back to Penang from London flying Emirates. Haha!

I think Trans-Siberia is the better way to explore because from the pictures which I have seen, route from Beijing to Harbin has better scenery. There other route will be Trans-Mongolia where the train will pass Gobi desert and many travelers seems complaining about the dusts. The whole journey should cost me approximately $3000 for transportation cost only. I should be saving my money starting from today if I want to go for this ultimate journey.

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