As I read through a posting by one of fellow blogger Azrin who is mumbling on his Google pagerank getting dropped from 5 to 3, he has given a link to AllStar Web Marketing Blog for an article on how to build Google pagerank. It is a very useful articles which make me understand the importance of Google pagerank.

My pagerank at this moment is zero and I have never bother to increase the pagerank as my intention for is not to make money. It’s more like an experimental project to learn on how to build websites, to know the mechanism of internet marketing, and to spend my little Paypal money earned from selling stuffs at Ebay. It’s very hard and require a lot of works to achieve pagerank 5 for as I need 16,803 link from pagerank 1 website.But if you never try you will never know.

Links required for Pagerank 5 and above

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