I Think This is A Something Unique For Me

Travelogues October 29th, 2007

Eagle Doha

This picture was caught during my visit to Doha Qatar. A unique scene for me because I have never seen eagle being traded like this in Malaysia. Maybe, it is illegal to trade eagle in Malaysia. I am not sure! I have not checked how much is the price since I am not going to buy any. But will it be cool to own one? I don’t know..

Cute Little Egyptian Doing Belly Dance

Travelogues October 26th, 2007

This cute little Egyptian was caught dancing during my visit to Cairo last March. Just ignore that hot and sexy woman while enjoying the cute act by the little boy!..

Enjoying A Scenic View of rainforest with Genting Skyway

Travelogues June 28th, 2007

genting1.jpgI went to Genting Highland last week with my family. At first, I thought of driving all the way to the top but change my mind to park my car at Genting Skyway station at Gohtong Jaya. To go to Genting Highland, I was using Karak Highway from Gombak and I have to pay RM5.00 at Gombak plaza toll which is near to Islamic International University. The return ticket for taking the Genting Skyway is RM10.00 for adult and free for my son. It’s a breathtaking experience for me as I am afraid of height. I would rather drive than taking this cable car but for the sake of trying, I just played down the feelings. For the first 5 minutes, the feelings of Hypsiphobia came and quickly gone away once I managed to accustomed myself to the surrounding environment. Now I can proudly say that I am no longer a Hypsiphobia person when it comes to cable car. Heh! Am I? Wait till I try bungee jump.

genting3.jpg genting4.jpg genting5.jpg
Genting Skyway is the longest cable car in South East Asia at a distance of 3.4 kilometers and also the fastest suspended ride in the world. Through out the ride, we are able to enjoy a scenic view of 100 millions years of old rainforest. It is an experience not to be missed when we are going to the top of Genting Highland. I should have tried the Genting Skyway long time ago.


Travelogues May 17th, 2007

My trip to Qatar was back in October 2006 during muslim fasting month. I have taken such a long time to come out with the story because there’s nothing much to write about Qatar. I am serious! Qatar is only a small country (bigger than Bahrain) within the GCC without long history. So, there’s nothing much to visit and enjoy. I chose to be in Doha, Qatar for only 3 days and most of the time meeting with customers during office hour.

I stayed at The Rydges Plaza Hotel and it’s not a good choice as it is far from the nearest restaurants and other facilities. I have written a review on The Rydges Plaza hotel and can be read from here. I have to pay QR55 for entry visa to Qatar and as part of Qatar immigration arrangement with Oman, Visa fee for Oman is waived by stamping ‘Allow entry to Sultanate of Oman’. It is good for me as my next destination after Qatar will be Oman. No worry about visa fee upon arrival as you can pay with credit card/debit card at immigration counter.

Foods are relatively expensive in Doha because Qatari are rich and can afford to pay the price. Whereas those expatriates from India and Philipines are suffering. Even business traveler like myself is feeling the pinch of the high prices. Lucky thing, I am there only for 3 days.

Did I told you just now that there’s nothing to write about Qatar.?

Souq New area Palace

Cairo again?

Travelogues May 8th, 2007

I am going to Cairo, Egypt again after the last trip in March 2007. The first trip was planned to get the feel of Egyptian market. This time around is to do some following up on customers from the last trip. I am going there from 18th to 25th May 07.It is not a long trip comparing to in March. Emirates is the preferred airline as it has flight schedule which can suit my planned trip.

What to expect from this trip? Off course I want some sales but that will be a very tough task. It’s like a mountain to climb. From our last trip to Cairo, we have concluded that Egypt market does not fancy building materials like Dubai or other gulf countries. By looking at the numbers of building being constructed, nothing is closed to their neighbors across the Red Sea. For those who is doing foods or necessity items, there are good chances of hitting big in Egyptian market. Like what one of my friend who has labeled Egypt as a gold mine for his dairy business. He managed to get orders for 15 containers from his first trip to Cairo. How I hope I am in his positions.

Err..How to say 10 Pounds in Arabic language? Asharaf Ganieh?