Can Buy To Let Mortgages Help To Grow My Money?

Economy & Finance October 20th, 2007

Property investment is a great way to invest my money for future capital growth and the returns is quite huge for me to ignore. Although to invest in property needs a lot of cash, there is a cheaper way to start. One of the way is buy to let mortgages which require a very low capital to start with. So, there will be a few factors which I have to consider before making the decision to invest in property including rental potential, cheap mortgages package and my financial capability.

Location is the main factor to consider when investing in property because it will determine the rental potential. A good location can commend a good rental rate and will greatly help on monthly mortgages repayment. In term of financial capability, I should not be worried so much because I will be free from my car loan by this coming December. This will give me the extra money to cover the monthly repayment should anything go wrong. So, I am ready!

Saudi King Asks Officials To Explain Rising Prices

Economy & Finance October 7th, 2007

meccaaaa.jpgSaudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has summoned the interior minister and provincial governors to explain rising inflation, which hit a seven-year high in August, Saudi media reported.

The king asked for ‘prompt reports’ at the last weekly government meeting on Monday, Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz said in remarks published on Thursday and Friday.

SPA said the monarch met the interior minister and provincial governors on Wednesday.

Inflation in August was 4.4 per cent from a year earlier, driven mainly by a record 12.1 percent jump in rents and a 6.6 per cent rise in prices of food products, according to data released this week.

The data raised pressure on the central bank which is torn between the need to contain prices and avoid appreciation of its dollar-pegged currency.
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Higher Inflation Rate Recorded in Saudi Arabia

Economy & Finance October 3rd, 2007

In the latest data released by the Saudi Arabia Central Department of Statistics, inflation rate in August has been recorded at 4.4% which is the highest in 7 years. The new inflation rate in August has surpassed 3.83% which was recorded in July. It’s an alarming situation which triggering calls by Shura Council,  which advises the government, to curb price rising.

It was reported that the increase of inflation rate in August was contributed by the rising rents and the increase price of food and beverage components of the index. Both of the causes has increased as much as 12.1 percents and 6.6 percents respectively. The year 1995 was the last highest inflation rate recorded in Saudi Arabia at 4.98%. Saudi Arabia’s Shura Council urged the authorities last month to tackle inflation and asked the finance minister to appear before it to discuss the problem. More steps has been assured to be taken in the following months by the Saudi’s authority to control the situation.