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Internet Marketing November 15th, 2007

Google has taken back their PR 4 which they have given to me last month. You can read about their generous PR 4 here. Last Sunday, they reduced this site PR to PR 2 and today, they have removed the PR completely. So, this site has PR 0 for now….

So, what I am going to do? Nothing!!..

After all the sleepless night, tireless socializing activities and blogging marathon which I have gone through for trying to get good Google PR, I just can’t afford to do that again. Its ain’t worth my time and my effort!…It’s better to spend my time concentrating on my current job.

Google Has Given PR4 For

Internet Marketing October 28th, 2007

I have lost my appetite for trying to get good Google Page ranking since last August. I have read that Google will update page ranking every 3-4 months. So, I tried so many ways to promote in order to get good page ranking when Google is doing the update. But the much awaited update has never come. So much of huha has been made by the internet community and everybody within the internet community seems to be frustrated and accused Google for not being efficient. But, I have accepted the reality soon after that to not to rely so much on Google and try to build through other ways. I can still use Yahoo, MSN and other search engine for traffics. In fact, Google page rank is only an indicator to show the strength of a website but not to bring more traffics.

At last on Saturday, the update has finally come and I have got PR4 Google Page Ranking for I did not see any traffic increase after the update. So, it will not change my view on Google Page ranking. It will still the same with or without the Google Page Rank. So, who says easy to make money online. Maybe make money online is easy to those who has something to sell to the newbies.

The Badware Warning Has Been Removed

Internet Marketing September 18th, 2007

The badware warning has been removed from Google search result today after two review request were sent to Google. It’s a good lesson for me after going through this situation. What I have learned actually?

First lesson, not to install suspected advertisement. I am not saying that Kontera is bad but I have to  make sure that  any advertisement applets and it should behave in a way which my visitors do not see as virus. Too much of java scripts can kill ya!

Secondly, at the same I have a few other website to rely on instead of relying only on this one. Lucky me! If I have had only one, the situation will be far worst. So, I will take this as a signal for me to go for more. Let the adventures begin!

How To Implement Kontera Ads In Your Blogs

Internet Marketing August 13th, 2007

I have signed up for Kontera a few weeks ago but I have not put up the ads at because Kontera Ads can be conflicting with my paid postings. I could have avoided the problem if I am using the filter code provided by Kontera but I was still not convinced to do so because I have hundreds of paid postings and it is a bit tedious for me to insert them manually. After reading Lilian’s posts on how she implemented Kontera Ads at, I have the courage to try and implement Kontera Ads at

Firstly, I downloaded Kontera Ads plugin from Shupe and installed them into Don’t forget to include <?php do_action(‘wp_footer’); ?> right before <body> in your wordpress theme because without the code, Kontera Ads will not be showing at all. After activating the plugin, I can see lined keyword popping up everywhere in my postings. I have made it!! I have managed to incorporate Kontera Ads easily by using the plugin from Shupe. Then, the second part is to prevent Kontera Ads from popping up in my paid postings. Lucia of Big Bucks Blogger has created Kontera Control plugin to solve the issue. I downloaded the plugin and follow the clear instruction from Lucia on how to configure the plugin and it worked perfectly as described!!

Now, I will need to see how Kontera help me to generate more money because according to Lilian, she made USD11 after 8 days of implementing Kontera. That’s a good amount of money to be made.

Building Google PageRank!

Internet Marketing May 10th, 2007

As I read through a posting by one of fellow blogger Azrin who is mumbling on his Google pagerank getting dropped from 5 to 3, he has given a link to AllStar Web Marketing Blog for an article on how to build Google pagerank. It is a very useful articles which make me understand the importance of Google pagerank.

My pagerank at this moment is zero and I have never bother to increase the pagerank as my intention for is not to make money. It’s more like an experimental project to learn on how to build websites, to know the mechanism of internet marketing, and to spend my little Paypal money earned from selling stuffs at Ebay. It’s very hard and require a lot of works to achieve pagerank 5 for as I need 16,803 link from pagerank 1 website.But if you never try you will never know.

Links required for Pagerank 5 and above