Good bonus?

Marketings June 6th, 2007

We are now in June and half year has gone. So, it is time to review the sales budget for 2007. How much more is needed to achieve the target sales budget. I am so thankful that my team is on schedule to hit 2007 sales budget. However, there’s no time to rest as we have another 6 months to go.

Where to source for customers?..There are many available sources  to get customers. It is up to your creativity to get them. After getting list of contacts informations, then cold calls or emails will be sent to the intended target customers to introduce our company and to find more information about the customers. It’s a long process which require a lot of hardwork and extra hours.Heyy! Don’t complaint if you want a good fat bonus at the end of the year.With new orders are starting to flow in, I am confident my team will hit the given budget for 2007.

Psst..Boss! How about 8 months bonus?

I want to finish everything ASAP!

Marketings May 24th, 2007

Today is the only day that I will be seeing customers as I am leaving tomorrow. From what I have understand after meeting a few potential customers, the Egyptian market for building material products is more towards cheap pricing. Almost all have said to me that my product is 200% pricier than their current suppliers. Quality is not a concern for this market because most of the projects do not have enough budget to use better quality products. So, they will only prefer cheap products. There are some high end projects which require higher quality products but it will not be worth for us to enter this market for that kind of sizes.

So, the solutions that I will have to apply for this market is to appoint one reputable agent and let the agent promote our products here in Egypt. But that is not my decisions to make. So, is there anybody interested in becoming our agent..??

p/s: This view is only apply for my product only which falls under building materials.

Greet the Egyptian!

Marketings May 11th, 2007

I have been impressed so far by the Egyptians in the way of their responsive acts. The emails that I have sent to set up meetings so far have been replied in a day time. I will make a following calls next week before my departure date to confirm on appointments. I have never get the same response with those in the gulf countries. The Egyptians has been better so far from their arabian counterparts eventhough their country is not that rich comparing to the gulf countries.

Hopefully with their courteous ways of greetings will give us some opportunity in stepping into Egyptian market.

How easy to deal with companies in GCC countries

Marketings May 3rd, 2007

Most of them don’t read emails..
They don’t have systems and very unorganized..
Is punctuality exists in their life dictionary?..
How come China company can give me cheaper price??..
We work only on exclusivity but never promote your products..
Keep losing your catalogs and ask for new sets (Can I charge you the catalogs?)..

These are the obstacles that we have to go through when dealing with most of companies within GCC countries. Even entertaining them when they come to see you is also another headache. They are very demanding customers where can make you exhausted. But the stake is high as they do have money to spend and the potential of their market is very huge. So, all the while one eye has to be closed in order to do business with them. It’s either you say NO to their business or you have to do like what I do..