Do I Need Travel Medical Insurance?

OnlyFive, Travel Info December 1st, 2007

I have to say that travel medical insurance is my top priority to have whenever I am required to travel abroad. Last time, I was given an option by my insurance company to add optional coverage when traveling abroad but the rate was too expensive. I find that short term coverage travel medical insurance is cheaper because you will only buy when you need the insurance and according to the travel duration. An insurance company like MultiNational Underwriters do offer extensive coverage for as low as $1 a day. Even some extra coverage like Emergency Medical Evacuation, Acts of Terrorism and Complications of Pregnancy are given at no additional cost. For a FREE Quote click here.

I am Going To Bangkok by Train

OnlyFive, Personal November 18th, 2007

Weather in Penang is now unpredictable where it can be hot in the morning and heavy rain in the afternoon for one or two hours and then back to hot condition again after that. I am hoping that Thailand will not have the same weather condition when I am there next month. It will be a short family trip to Bangkok by train from Butterworth. Even though there are direct flights by from Penang to Bangkok but I would prefer to use train instead of flying there because it’s cheaper. At the same time, I can enjoy the beautiful scenery of both country along the way from Butterworth to Bangkok.

I have selected Bangkok due to the limited five days period which I have and Thailand is the nearest to go with my family. Eventhough Thailand will hold their general election on December 23rd, I don’t see any problem going there. The other place which I have in mind beside Thailand is Australia. Australia is the perfect destination to go in term of budget and what they have to offer. I will be able to get cheap flights from Jetstar and AirAsia. Again, time is the factor for me not to choose Australia. Maybe next time when I am able to get off days for at least one week.

Free things to see and do while in Britain

OnlyFive, Travel Info November 12th, 2007

The British MuseumWho says it’s expensive to spend your holiday in Britain when there are so many things which are cheap or free to see and do while there. In London for example, there are British Museum, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Science Museum and Natural History Museum. All of this world class museums are free to enter for visitors. In other city like Birmingham, you can visit for free the Barber Institute of Fine Art where you can find a world-class collection of European masters like Rembrandt, Ruben, Degas and Matisse from the 13th century onwards. And if you are in Manchester, you can experience for free the Victorian era of police in Manchester by visiting Greater Manchester Police Museum.
Old TraffordBarber Institute of Fine Art

On the other hand, accommodation is not available for free unless you have won a free hotel stays for hotels in London. So, a little sums of accommodation budget is required to be set aside. Whether you want hotels in Birmingham or hotels in Manchester, make sure you get the best offers available before arriving there.

I am Back!

OnlyFive, Personal November 12th, 2007

I am back from my trip to Dubai. The trip was great as i have managed to meet a few serious clients who are keen to do business with us. Apart from that, nothing much to talk about Dubai. Now, I have to start planning for my trip to Paris in January. There will be a slight changes in the original itinerary because the trip will have to include my wife as well. Since she has not been to Europe before, I might be spending a few days in Barcelona and Amsterdam. So, one week extension is in my mind. I will have to make decision for that one week extension whether to stick with the tour agency or go on our own.

A friend advised me to go with the tour agency because they can get good rates for hotels in Europe. Four stars hotels in Amsterdam like Park Plaza Victoria Hotel or Golden Tulip Apollo are available for less than 100 Euro and the same goes with hotels in Barcelona. I hope what my friend said is right. So, I am going to check with the tour agency for that one week extension and after that only I will make decision.

Phone Card For Cheaper International Phone Calls

My View, OnlyFive October 28th, 2007

Mobile phone roaming charges can be very expensive when I want to call home while abroad. So, in order to save expenses on mobile phone bill, I am using phone card as a cheaper option to call home. Before going abroad, I will usually try to find phone cards available in the country where I am going to visit. Website like PhoneCardsAvenue will help me to compare, find the cheapest rate and buy phone card online. I am not sure about other phone card company but PhoneCardsAvenue do have great offers like cheap calling rates and 3% cash back rebate program. The rebate program will give me 3% saving whenever I purchase phone card from them.

In term of savings, I have saved a lot of money by using phone card. Maybe, I can buy a new iPhone soon with the savings.