Guessing Game with Court..

Review June 14th, 2007

Huh! Court is crazy enough to give his paycheck for June if anybody can guess correctly his June income. I would like to give a try. Maybe my lady luck is somewhere near me during this month.It’s not about the contest that I am interested in, it’s how he managed to gain 240% increase of income for May. From $293.01 in April, shoot up to $715.85 in May is simply great.

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  • Those who enter between June 15 and June 21 will get two guesses. Follow the rules for each guess – 2 links.

  • Those who enter between June 22 and June 30 will get one guess.

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Here is my guess :

make money online $1011.20
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make money online $ 985.25

Advise from 13-Years Old Kid?

Review May 29th, 2007

Anythings is possible during internet era..I am still wondering how can a 13 years old kid is making more money than an adult like me from the internet. It’s just amazing! I have been thinking about this 13 years old kid. He is either making stories or he is really making money like what he has claimed. Whatever it is, this 13 years old kid is really rocks! At the age of 13, he managed to have a few websites with high traffics and at the same time he is making money online. At least his income is enough to cover annual hosting cost. I should be ashamed of myself. Work harder! Work harder!

Err….Carl! Do you need a financial adviser?

Nile Hilton – Review

Review May 28th, 2007

I have written the first part of the Nile Hilton review here. So this will be the conclusion of my stay at Nile Hilton Hotel.

Location wise, Nile Hilton is the best of all. Located at the most central downtown, you can have almost everything at the door steps. From strolling along the Corniche El Nil to visiting the Egyptian Museum. It has a marvelous location. As my room is at fourth floor and overlooking the city of Cairo, nothing much to enjoy the scenery. Another USD15 per night will give me the Nile view room. I have no complaint about that. Metro is 5 minutes walk from the hotel which only charge you EGP1.00 per trip.

The downside of the Nile Hilton is maybe the condition of the room which need an urgent refurbishment. But I am not the one who can be disturbed with the room condition. As long as everything in the room is functional, that will be the most expected from me. Housekeeping is being done on daily basis even at night without fail. On one of the day during my stay, I have forgotten to lock my suitcase. I have a few hundreds US Dollars, my air ticket and many other important documents inside the suitcase. When I was back to the hotel room, I was shocked to find out that my suitcase was left without locking it and I kept blaming myself for not being careful. Thank god because nothing has gone missing. This shows that the Nile Hilton housekeeping staffs are honest and can be trusted.

I love the breakfast at Ibis Cafe because they have a wide selection of foods to choose. Comparing with my previous stay at other hotel, Nile Hilton breakfast is definitely not the one to be missed. They have a good policy and billing system too which did not confuse the guest at all. This is the way to go for Nile Hilton in making their guest having a pleasant stay at their hotel. I am mentioning this because my previous stay at the other hotel have had policy changed everyday and really confused guests at the hotel.

Make Money Review My Blog

Review May 27th, 2007

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Nile Hilton – 1st Review.

Review May 20th, 2007

After the huha about the smooth online booking made with, now I would like to give the first part review of Nile Hilton. I am now in Cairo and have checked into my room at the Nile Hilton. Egyptians so far in my experience has never failed me. I was greeted at the airport upon arrival by Mr Samir, an agent from Gezira Travel. Gezira Travel is an agency who is working with From immigration and sending me to the hotel, Mr Samir has handled everything professionally. The immigation officer did not give me problem as what I have faced previously.

Twin Room Twin Room

I arrived at the hotel at about 1.30pm and was asked to wait for 30minutes for my room to be prepared. The room given to me is marvelously big for a single occupancy. It’s a nice room with city view. I checked the room and it has exceeded my expectations.

The environment within Nile Hilton is more lively comparing to Conrad Cairo which I stayed during my last visit. It is quite near to the downtown and connected to Hilton Mall. I think I will not miss my 23rd May final as there is a pub at the lobby which has UEFA Champion League sign on it’s bunting. If not, the room has satellite channel to watch the final. So far, I have not been disappointed. Watch for my second part of the review.