I have signed up for Kontera a few weeks ago but I have not put up the ads at Bismut.net because Kontera Ads can be conflicting with my paid postings. I could have avoided the problem if I am using the filter code provided by Kontera but I was still not convinced to do so because I have hundreds of paid postings and it is a bit tedious for me to insert them manually. After reading Lilian’s posts on how she implemented Kontera Ads at 5xmom.com, I have the courage to try and implement Kontera Ads at Bismut.net.

Firstly, I downloaded Kontera Ads plugin from Shupe and installed them into Bismut.net. Don’t forget to include <?php do_action(‘wp_footer’); ?> right before <body> in your wordpress theme because without the code, Kontera Ads will not be showing at all. After activating the plugin, I can see lined keyword popping up everywhere in my postings. I have made it!! I have managed to incorporate Kontera Ads easily by using the plugin from Shupe. Then, the second part is to prevent Kontera Ads from popping up in my paid postings. Lucia of Big Bucks Blogger has created Kontera Control plugin to solve the issue. I downloaded the plugin and follow the clear instruction from Lucia on how to configure the plugin and it worked perfectly as described!!

Now, I will need to see how Kontera help me to generate more money because according to Lilian, she made USD11 after 8 days of implementing Kontera. That’s a good amount of money to be made.

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