иконивик услугиови услугиIt’s been a while since my last update. To be honest, after the last Google ranking update which this blog ranking was removed, I have lost my appetite to update this blog on regular basis. Most of the time, I just added copy/paste related articles. I feel like wasting my time and effort if I was unable to reap any profits from this blog (high Google ranking = more money$$$$).It’s better for me to spend my valuable time elsewhere. But, sometime I think it should not only about money. It’s about sharing of valuable experience and helping others. Ohh yes..I mean sometime I have to stop being a capitalist. (alternative = socialist)..Haha! My wife will hate this..(err..No more shopping perhaps..!!). The more I can share, the more it will benefit others. And surely I will get rewarded someday. Maybe not in term of money but in another form like friendship??..business opportunity??..Who knows!!

Looking at this blog (yeahh! I am looking at it now!!), maybe after this I will need to regularly update with my own travel experience.

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  1. BENGUDMAN | June 9th, 2011 at 7:23 am

    Hi my name is Ekenechukwu Bernard-emegwaraibe. I just got married recently, and my wife is a registered nurse. I wish to travel to Qatar as soon as my visa is ready. I have read many posts concerning life in the Doha. But it didn’t weigh me down anyway, I’m looking for a straight forward agent here in Nigeria to help arrange my visa base on one condition that the visa shall be available before any payment from me. i promise to be a good ambassador of naija over there.
    Interested agent only will contact me either on phone or via email.
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