Are you looking for the best web hosting, the cheapest web hosting and the most reliable web hosting? The answer is none. In searching for the best web hosting package, there are many tactics and styles being used by web hosting company to woo customers by stating they are the best web hosting, the cheapest web hosting and the most reliable web hosting. Many web hosting promotion has come up with websites to show the top 10 web hosting, top hosting provider, reliable web hosting, web hosting chart and many more. But let us do some reality check on web hosting services.

  1. All webhosting cannot offer 100% uptime and in a year there will be at least a few time of downtime wil occur. The best that they can claim is 99.9% uptime. So, normally a good webhosting company will provide up to date information and support during the downtime and will try to get the server up as soon as they can. The keyword here is up to date information.
  2. All my data losts during last server downtime.
    Let’s face it. Data losts is not all about webhosting company fault. It is your fault. You did not make any backup and you rely too much on other people to do that. Why on earth other people want to do that for you when you are paying peanuts for the service? Stop blaming others!
  3. Where on earth you can find things where you pay peanuts and you get premium services? Even cheap China products are lacking in quality.So, whenever you see unbelievable offer, always give a benefit of doubt. Search for more information on the background of the company and services before login into your paypal account. Many info can be obtained even by Googling. Keyword? HostGator sucks, HostGator unreliable?
  4. There are many more points but I will add once they have come across my mind.

So far HostGator has been good to me in providing good service. It may not be the best but at least, HostGator is quite reliable in giving the services. Like I have mentioned above, up to date information is the key and as per today, HostGator does not failed in doing that.

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