May I change the caption from “a picture worth a thousand words” to “a picture worth a thousand urges”? The first impression is the place is truly amazing and beautiful and I want go there. I have seen many other picture of nice and exotic places but this one is really has the urge for me to be there and feel the place.

The place is called Maui in Hawaii. It has been known for ages for the beautiful and exotic beaches and famous spots for surfing. The economy of Maui is based on ecotourism which welcome tourists to feel the raw beauty of Pacific Island. Sometime Hawaii is used as a location for tourists to escape hot or cold weather during the summer or winter. The weather in Hawaii is nice and moderate. A lot of tourists visited Hawaii every year and millions of dollars being spent during their stay.

This is interesting because I am in the midst of looking for a location for this year family vacation. We have a few in minds but after looking at the picture, maybe Hawaiian vacation is a nice one to consider. From where I live now, I can take a flight through Australia to Hawaii which is nearer. I have never been to USA before and have never planned to be there considering the long journey and expensive costs involved. If the costs is right and meet my budget, then Maui, here I come.

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